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About us

Q: Are you experts?
A: No, we are simply residents who are concerned about the potential impact of this project on the local community.

Q: So how can you be sure your information is accurate?

A: To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this site is accurate. If you find any factual inaccuracies, or feel that you could help improve the information on this site, please contact us.

Q: Does this site give a balanced view?

A: This site is intended to provide information to local residents in order to help them make up their own minds about the proposed wind turbines. However, we make no bones about the fact that we oppose the project. In the interests of transparency and balance, here is a link to the Force 9 Energy website

Q:Aren't you just a bunch of NIMBYs? (Not In My Back Yard)

A: Anybody who opposes developments of this type obviously leaves themselves open to allegations of NIMBYism. However, the term "NIMBY" is generally used as a rather lazy way of dismissing the valid concerns of anyone who happens to object to a major development close to their home. We are NOT anti-Green – indeed we agree that the UK must take major steps to develop renewable energy sources BUT we also believe that such green power developments should always take into consideration the impact on the local community and environment, and are strongly of the view that this project fails to do so.